How To Import Windows Live Mail Into MS Outlook 2013? The Conversion Process Is Right Here!

Emails form an important source of communication especially in organizations, be it small sized, large, or middle sized. In fact, home users have also become aware of this cost-effective source of communication for fulfilling professional plus personal requirements. There are innumerous email applications which sometimes cause a trouble in deciding for the better one. Each email client is supportive of different file formats and this in turn leads to conversion of emails from one file format to another. The change of emailing applications is the biggest factor behind email conversion needs. How to import Windows Live Mail into MS Outlook 2013? Such type query usually seen takes away sleep of a person because emails consisted of sensitive data and conversion means high risk.

EML files are created in miscellaneous emailing clients including Windows Live Mail. To switch from Windows live mail to MS Outlook 2013, use some reliable source due to high risk involvement all over. There are several ways for making conversion but you must know plus and minus points before jumping onto any conclusion.

Detailed account of different conversion methods for EML to PST:

Conventional Manual Conversion Process: The process involves following steps:

  1. Start the process by opening Windows Live Mail on your PC
  2. Go to main screen of Windows Live Mail. Press File then Export, and lastly Email messages to open Windows Live Mail Export Windows
  3. Choose MS Exchange and then press go to next
  4. A dialog Export Message will appear
  5. Then press ok
  6. Choose the folder/s for conversion and then press ok
  7. The Wizard will begin with exporting the EML files
  8. After getting done with the process, a message denoting Export Complete will appear
  9. Lastly press finish button to end the process
  10. As soon as the process gets over, you can access EML files in Outlook 2013 environment.

Note: Make sure to backup EML files prior using manual method for EML to PST conversion.

Import Export Wizard: Import Export Wizard of Microsoft Outlook is another way to directly convert EML files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2013.

Why No to manual method? The above mentioned both the methods are not reliable. Also, your regular involvement is mandatory which means high time consumption. Such methods are not commendable for those who are newbie in the technical field. A small carelessness may lead to loss of emails forever, thus attentiveness is must while conversion is in-process.

Professional Software: Do not be upset with the query like How to import Windows Live Mail into MS Outlook 2013? If you really want to cut-down all sorts of troubles then professional software is strongly recommended. A deep online search will help greatly to get to the best tool but we suggest you for EML to PST Converter software. It is a simple-to-operate application which converts bulk EML files into PST in a single go. The software is available in unbelievably small cost but does that mean that quality is compromised. The software is inculcated with the latest technologies for easy and effortless migration from Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2013.


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