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Export Lotus Notes Emails To Outlook 2016 Safely

If you are not yet able to decide which emailing client is suitable for you then we suggest you for Microsoft Outlook. It is a well-known emailing application used all over the world for fulfilling emailing requirements. Even if you are using any other emailing application, one like IBM Lotus Notes, then also there is nothing to get worried. You can still switch to the new emailing application and that too without losing emailing data from Lotus Notes. For that; all you need to do is to perform data migration so that you can take away complete data from NSF files into Outlook PST file. Here now we need to know about ways to export Lotus Notes emails to Outlook 2016.

Why Export NSF Emails into PST?

NSF file is a Lotus Notes data file format and PST is a MS Outlook data file format. Thus, if you need to migrate from Lotus Note environ to MS Outlook it is important to convert the data file format of Lotus Notes into MS Outlook compatible file format; which is PST file. So, in order to export Lotus Notes emails into MS Outlook, it is important to export NSF file into PST format.

  1. The very first reason for leaving Lotus Notes is high cost incurred on installation. Clients need to pay a huge sum in the installation of Lotus Notes. Though large organizations such as MNCs can invest but small sized and middle sized companies fail in making investment in installation
  2. Second reason for choosing Outlook over Lotus Notes is investing in yearly server maintenance cost. After paying heavily on installation, it is mandatory to pay the maintenance charges once in a year. The cost spent on server maintenance is also very high which sometimes not affordable
  3. Lotus Notes features are full of complications. No company ever wants to waste productive time in giving training about features of Notes. As there are many options available thus companies prefer choosing some other emailing platform such as MS Outlook which is affordable and has simple features
  4. Lotus Notes is challenging to use because of its system specific nature. This leads to bring complications in many stances.

How to Export email data from Notes to PST?

There are not many options available to export emails from NSF file into Outlook 2016. You can either go for a manual migration process or simply use any Third party tool which helps in easily migration of data from NSF to PST format. If you try using manual tricks then you may find it a bit cumbersome to perform. Now even if you somehow manage to understand the process and try to carry out the conversion then also it very time consuming. Thus, it is helpful to use when there are few emails to convert into PST and unworthy to use in case of bulk data. Rather than using manual process, go for third-party software tool.

Use Professional Tool to Export Lotus Notes Emails to Outlook 2016

If you have finalized for professional tool then there is nothing like NSF to PST Converter. This is a known application that aims at converting data from NSF files to PST files. This is a reliable to use application when it is to make safe data migration from one end to the other. The conversion process is simple and needs less time. Here is the list of benefits you can get with the tool

  1. Export multiple Lotus Notes NSF files into PST at a time
  2. No limitation on file size or data while export them to PST
  3. Create single PST file for each NSF file that you export
  4. Keeps the folder hierarchy of NSF file intact while converting
  5. Compatible for all Lotus Notes and MS Outlook versions
  6. Export complete Lotus Notes data including email, tasks, calendars etc.

After migration, you can easily open and view the converted PST file within MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 or any below version that you use.


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